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Saturday, May 31, 2014


Sunday, April 20, 2014

I didn't forget you! (OUTFIT DUMP)

I promise I haven't forgotten about my blog, I've just been extremely busy the last few months, oh gosh, can you even believe it?

Anyways! I wanted to share some of my body and face with you all!
It'll be from new to older, because I'm lazy like that - AND STICK WITH ME TO THE END, I have something exciting to share :D

New Yorker ' FREE YOUR MIND' Tank & DOC Martens

I went to a small amusementpark called 'Dyrehavebakken', loosely translated to... nothing, let's just say "Animal Hill", haha
I met up with my friend Emi, @thedustyleaves, so my sister and her friend could walk around by themselves, we had a lot of fun and she DID snap some pictures at me, and oh gosh, I'm so awkward outside of cosplay, but she did get some cute shots - thank you baabe!

H&M Leopard Dress
I'm so happy that spring has come and we're going into summer soon, which means that all the types of dresses that I like is now going in the stores and just, ugh please yes!
I wore this to visit my mom with my lovely Mie and my grandparents, since my mom and brother is camping not too far from my house - family good times!

ROMWE 'Coca Cola dress' & DOC Martens

I saw this dress on ROMWE and I just knew that I NEEDED it in my closet, I have to confess that I think blue and red is perfect colors together, just... yes. And I'm not saying that I like Cola, buuut.... I do 8D
The dress was a steal because it was on sale at the time - I knew I'd had to adjust it a little, because I'm between ROMWE sizes, but I had to do alot more than I thought, the dress was much longer on me than on the model, so I customed it into a waterfall mini-dress, and I think I like it even more like this.

ONLY T-shirt

H&M 'I love girls with a british accent'

If you follow me on my other social networks, you might know one of the reasons why I haven't updated here so much - It's because I'm finally on facebook!

You will now find me at

Please join me, because I'd like to get to know you all!!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

LIVE EVENT: the Girl with the Parasol

I'm happy to share that on the 7th of March, the Danish Museum of National History is hosting a late from 6pm to 9pm (18:00-21:00), which me and Mie Rose have been lucky to be able to help set up! (@Naniblog will be there too 8D)

The late will feature TWO sneak-peek cosplay shows, with cosplayers from our community and furthermore two exciting lectures; "Japanese cosplay culture versus Danish cosplay culture" by Mie Rose & "a view on asian modern culture" by Martin Petersen, the head researcher for the exhibition.

But other exciting things are of course featured and we invite you to make good use of the Purikura machine and our little photostudio, completely free of charge!

Myself and the staff ENCOURAGES you to bring your family and friends - Even wear your favorite costume! And if you do not have any, don't worry, we got some you can borrow for your photosession!

Please also do take some time and enjoy the rest of the exhibition and tell us what you think about it in our guestbook - Can you find me and Mie Rose's personal purikura?

I hope I'll get to see you this coming friday!