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Name: Kami Renee
Age: 23
Sex: Queer
Location: Denmark.
Style: Girlish Tomboy.

Hobbies: Hair, creative, sewing

Fandoms of my choice: Peter Pan, Star Wars

Things I collect: Movies, and more movies.

Sites you can find me on:
YouTubeCosplay BlogtumblrFormspringDeviantArt

What kind of person am I? :
I'd describe myself as someone that's everywhere and yet nowhere all the time, and maybe a little hard to keep a track on.
Seeing me in real life, I'm either shopping by myself, going to an event or having some 'outside alone time' with a friend.

My favorite pass-time is doing something creative or turning off my brain, watching some of my movies, my 600+ collection, which I take pride in.

The thing I appreciate the most is definitely company of loved ones, friends and family, and expanding that circle is high priority for me, even with my somewhat awkward and sometimes overbearing personality, which means I always try to encourage to make contact - If you think we would be awesome friends!