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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Grandpa's birthday!

I've had the best summerstart ever
Today's my grandpa's birthday, so me and the 'good part' of the family, got together to celebrate him.
I must admit I've never enjoyed a family get together, for realzzz.
But this time it was so great and nice and comfy and and <3

And my grandpa told me several times, how happy he was that I came.
Waah, happy tears in my eyes much ;w;

I'm also probably house-sitting the first week of August, BEFORE Genki.
I'd really like it if someone joined me ~

And now picture spam~

Me and the siblings, I must say I share most likeness with my younger brother.
But they both got my personality XD

My granddad was ABOUT to smile XD

And the beautiful cake! It was sooo big XD and tastey~

And on our way home, baby was worn out, awwh <3

And my outfit for this calm get together~
Remember this dress? XD

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  1. Nice to hear it was a good family-get togehter :D

    You're siblings are cute, wonder where they got that from? XD