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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Picture post, lazy much?

I RABU my moms couch, white and lovely <3

I got short hair now, did I tell anybody?

Shiro hosted a party... last weekend.. I think, and I stayed for an extra day with Adam.
We had good tiemz, male bonding, man, male bonding!


And Boy've been out for the first few times.
And yeah.. He hates it XD really, he does.

And I've been chilling at my moms place alot, well alot and alot, but more than I usually do XP
I like being there doing the day, but around 6-7 pm, I wanna go home XD


I think we look like siblings.. Kinda XD
We could totally be siblings, we act like it <3

Hayes came over, to get the hair fixed, oh yeeah~
we took alot of pictures, got some really great ones, yeesh~

And we ate alot of stuff we shouldn't, but heck. You can be unhealthy sometimes, you know.


Mini oreos, because you know they're awesome.


My younger sisters wallpaper on her computer
I DON'T have a bad influence on her XD She discovered Naruto all by herself.

Please gawd, tell me somebody knows what that sound is?
Really, because I know it's not coming from Boy, since... I wished he made that kind of weird sounds.
... So wth!?

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