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Friday, October 8, 2010

If everything would go BANG!

So let's start from the top.
I've moved to a new place with two of my jollygewd friends! Very nice, very nice.
It's awesome having a big place like this, I'm really enjoying it!

I still haven't settled in in my room, so I won't show it off until I have XDD

At the moment... all we do is make cosplays and eat.
At least that's how I feel like stuff is going down, haha.

As said.. my birthday was October 7th, and... I just stayed home with Zuum and made cosplay :P
Chillaxing stuff. I'm not hosting a big party, because we're already having Housoween, it's just too much of a bother, and I've felt 20 for a while, so it's not that big of a change.. personally.

This is what I do when I wanna relax at work XD *btw, did not make those ugly lips, fufu*