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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

And then this happen..

Mustache necklace of epic proportions!

Today I went out with Hayes, to exchange a jacket that my dad got me for christmas (way too short it was), we hung out at the mall a little, and I got myself these babies from Monki, which I've been drooling over for like.. three months.


Afterwards we went to his place, and shot my '5000 subscribers' video, it didn't really turn out as I wanted it, so I'm a little unsure about posting it @.@; but I'm gonna have something out before the New year!!!

Hayes making a cheat-sheet

I went home after that, and my my, what was waiting for me on my desk? A gift from the girls!
After forgetting about it for a few minutes, Zuum rushed me to unwrap it, and omfg all the stuff of awesome was in it!

Cola light, Drawing of Touya (made by Zuum), my husband in plushie form, and a mustache necklace.

DAAMN! I'm so happy about these things you guys! you don't even understand, they're like... FUUYÆS!
I'll get you something awesome aswell! PROMISE! <3

Just after, Zuum went to pick up her friend Sascha.
We cooked some dinner, I styled a few wigs, some are going up for sale.
And that's it. I'mma put on a movie and hit the sack.

You guys behave now, cha hear?


  1. We be so happy you liked ^^
    I got a drawing for you, as well.. It's just not one yet XD

  2. OMG win presents of win! 8D
    (I feel horrible for saying so, but I kinda hope it turned out horrible and you won't post it, because I'm sure I looked like a tard during the whole video XD )