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Friday, December 24, 2010

Leaving you with one thing

Still looking like a complete faggot, I know XD and herp derp face

I'm at my moms place atm, been since yeserday, where we've just hung out and had a good, relaxing time.

I've been drawing a little again, after finishing the gift I made for my sister, which I'll show at some other time.

Since I'm just starting up again, it's nothing fancy, and really I'm stealing some basic design, but hey... as the great minds say.. Gotta start somewhere.

I made this design for a new robot necklace, if you've followed my blogs for a little over a year, you might remember that I bought one at Wasteland, but I've misplaced it ;A;. Alas.. making one myself :3

and here... fufufu.. me as a smurf. My brother was watching 'the Smurfs' and I couldn't help myself. I kinda hate that the only decen thing I've made in a year is a smurf, wth xD

But that's it for this entry.. I'll leave you with a merry christmas <3

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