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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Red Shakes

Today I went out with my mom and younger sister. Good times!
I got myself some hairdye, small stuff for my cosplay and two movies.

I saw these heck of awesome T-shirts in the kids section at H&M, why can't they make larger versions of these for 20-yearold jailbaits that doesn't wanna grow up?

Afterwards we went to one of the oldest café's at our local mall, we've come there ever since I was like 3.

I've never tried the milkshakes there, and wow... so much cream in them, but sooooo good.

Afterwards we went to my place, for a cup of tea... or well my mom had a cup of tea, since I don't drink the stuff, haah.

When they left I re-dyed my hair :D

Trying something more 'powerful', than all the other stuff I've used.

And voila, let's see how long it'll stay vibrant.


  1. OMG COOKIE MONSTER!!! I want.... damn kid sizes
    nom colour!

  2. Bruger også den hårfarve normalt! Den er så nice!

  3. Den hårfarver bliver FOR EVIGT. Tog mig tre måneder at få vasket den ud xD (eller blive meget lyserødt-håret)