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Monday, February 7, 2011


Can you guess? Can you see what it is?

I'm getting better and I think today was my last sick day. Which makes me happy.
I really hate being sick, especially because it's never just a slight flu.. Well at first it is, AND THEEN..... but enough sicktalk!

Today went out with my dad (Who's back btw!!! <3), to find a bed and a dresser for him. He didn't really get anything other than socks though xD Always like that with him.
I got myself a duster and a powerful desk lamp, so when I shoot videoes, my wonderful half-moons won't show up as much.

Also Sadako came by earlier, I had to fix her hair.

Do you get it? Bad joke? XD

I've sown my old exte's on my clip-ins. To make them thicker, since I've always thought they were kinda thin, especially since I need a lot of layering, alas. That was todays project.

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  1. Hey ^^ ! Just wanna know where do u get ur clip-in extensions x3 ! are they real hair :P}' they look so cool :3