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Sunday, July 8, 2012

She's not going anywhere alone

I figured I should give my blog some CPR, since it's been a while since I last posted anything.
There's both a lot, and not really anything happening in my life right now, work is ending, school is starting, gotta move, and just that sorta stuff, but my everyday life is pretty simple and not so interesting.

Last time I was out shopping /which have been a while, someone high-five me!
I bought this spiked necklace at H&M, and you guys, I tell you, it was a godsend! I had been wanting a necklace I could wear with my collared shirts, and I've loved the look of the long spikes on a necklace, so when I found this, I didn't think twice about buying it.

Other than that, me and mustacheteer2 have tried to get our cosplay-youtube channel up and running again, so most weekends have been photoshoots, and last weekend MAH SMALL BOY came over, and we needed some props for the shoot, also known as beers that needed emptying, so hey, another high five for acting somewhat age-appropriate? 8D /while watching the Grudge. Gotta say though... Heineken is a lousy beer.

Also got myself some new bedsheets, and I have to admit... New bedsheets are my guilty pleasure, and these are just so comfortable and looks sooooo good!
Now that Mie is in England for two weeks, I'm just sewing when I'm not working, since the projects I'm working on is some I'm really passionate about = NO CLEANING UNTIL FINISHED, MUWAHAHAH

I scored myself some free sneakers /of some unknown brand, and god... good comfy shoes, baby I like.
Also because of the heat, I haven't felt like dressing up too much, I just stick to my jeans and tees.
And if you haven't noticed, my hair is currently blue/with green hue which pictures does not show, and getting preetty long


  1. UNNNNFFF SO SEXY!!! D':< blue hair so sexual yooo!
    And sneakers are a bit better when they're free : P haha!
    Why are all your posts on my dash all of a sudden? D: what duuhhhh

  2. DAYUM GURL - Sasha and I thought it was your blue wig at first but holy shit that is so fucking cool (And now both my girl and my best bro has blue hair, I win everything in the universe)