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Sunday, November 18, 2012

my dressy tops

Hey everybody!
Has it been a while, or has it been a while? Yup, I know. And my only excuse is that I'm living the boring life right now, haha.

So first, I want to go over my new blog design, BADAM, you probably noticed, but yes. This is it for now.
And I'm kinda satisfied with the header for once (thank you photoshop for working with me).
As you can see in the shot, there's a lot of unused space, on my screeen, but I don't know if I want to fill it out or not, because I want this blog to be easy to read for people that doesn't have a huge screen like myself, but what do you guys think?

Something from my life? Well here in Denmark, the cold is coming, which means a lot of snuggling with Boy, who always gets drowsy during winter, and he's just enjoying the fact that there's three beds for him to cuddle up in.

A few weeks ago, I had to say goodbye to one of my awesome friends; Ali Jehad (who makes youtube videos, go check it out).
He's made the choice to try out life in Beijing, and is working as a teacher right now- BUT YES - We went bowling with a group of people, and then a  few of us, went on to get some drinks and just have a cozy good time.

As you can see, me and Ali is the most attractive people in the world. Just accept it.

Other things that've occupied my mind (other than schoolwork) is Sugar Skulls. It started out with me having to costumize my suitcase, so I'd recognize it at the airport, and then I just kept drawing them afterwards, and these aren't the only one.
Obsession people, obsession.

So, yes. There's not much, but it's all just school and then going back home, since I'm doing my best not to spend money, so I have a lot to use, when I go to Japan.
But what I do, is actually trying to make more videos on YouTube, and getting better at editing. So go check it out, will ya?

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