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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dat look + Shopping & BaconCakes

I guess, maybe I should start using proper titles? or as proper as they will get when I make them 8D

Anycase, the tiny-but-very-welcomed-cashcheck rolled in the other day, so I decided to go bargain hunting, since it's march and the seasonal clothing is started to get shifted out.

And I'm also one of those people that are bad at buying clothes for seasons to come, hence... I came home with two knitted shirts. No regrets really.

1 oversized black knit & star rights from Only ||| 1 sugarskull bracelet from New Yorker  

1 oversized knit & skull bracelet from h&m

Friday it was time for fabric shopping before sewing weekend with my lovely, and I decided to wear my new stuff. I do apologize for my overly tired face, but I'm still quite flemmy, boo.


As said, sewing weekend, making cosplays and so on and so forth, not something you're interested in. We started on season 3 of the Tribe, with a lot of shipping and fashion feels, and in between our Tribe breaks we were of course watching YouTube videos /Star Wars 2012 Dance-off, fuu yeah

And here's where it gets interesting you guys, if you have not tried this. You are going to drop everything you're doing right now, read this entry through and then go make this; Bacon Pancakes.
I know what you're thinking, but just stick with me, the idea came from a less attractive picture on tumblr, but oh gosh, we've found our new guilty pleasure food.Ugh <3 font="" size="2">God meant for me to be overweight idgaf


  1. <3

  2. I LOVE YOUR CLOTHING PILE! ; 3 ; so cute haha

    1. Thank you :D I tried to make it neat and well presented, but oh my gosh, it felt so bothersome, I'm so lazy 8D

  3. That sweater is just lovely! And bro.. sugar skulls.. yes please!