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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

CONCERT: Imagine Dragons

So about two weeks back, I went to see Imagine Dragons live with my BFF, Hayes.

Honest to rice crispies, I had only heard ONE song from them, the same on as EVERYONE else; Radioactive. Which is a song that I do like a lot, so I thought it'd be pretty awesome to go hear it live and then maybe fall in love with some other songs as well!

 I wore a T-shirt-into-tanktop that I bought in Budapest (which is filled with Lies), the skirt for my galaxy seifuku uniform (yup, my girlfriend got me that, holla~) and my hair curled with a less drastic parting, oh yes.

Even though Hayes' had told me about what sort of crowd it'd be, I figured I wouldn't stand out as much, I mean come on, in my ears they're kinda indie R&B - But oooh was I wrong. I'm not shy about the way I look or dress, except for when I'm at a huge gathering and I obviously stick out. But oh well, didn't matter as soon as the lights were out!

I will openly admit that I was very impressed with this band and singer, I thought the sound was great and as far as I could tell, Dan Reynolds sang phenomenally, both in terms of key, but also emotion.
Most of the songs are definitely not something I'll listen to on a daily basis, since it's very rare that I listen to quiet and emotional songs - I need something that gets me happy and going.

I DID very much enjoy "Demons" and did go right home the next day and purchase it!

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