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Wednesday, February 5, 2014


The fourth of January I traveled to London, UK, with my girl, Mie Rose. We took off early in the morning so we could get as much time as possible there, since real life was knocking just a few days off.
I'm gonna do my best to do a overview here, but if you're just more interested in an animated view of the trip, you can go right ahead and watch the video, BAM!

After a mad case of transport-sickness and dropping off our bags at the Hotel we went on the hunt for some food, settling on a sportspub just off Oxford Street.

British followers? Send me a box of these okay? friggin delicious!!!!
The first day passed quick, because in the evening we went to watch, Peter Pan: A Neverending Story, live at Wembley Arena, my christmas gift from babu

We didn't film much or take pictures, just to experience the show fully, but also no picture could redeem the show, I wasn't expecting anything and was surely amazed, and it is most definitely my favorite musical, that I have seen, so far. And it is just an added bonus that the actors of Wendy and Peter has gotten engaged OFF STAGE, babies

Sunday we Decided that Camden Market and China Town would be where it was at.
I've wanted to go to Camden since I was in my teens, and I must admit.... I didn't expect so much booming activity there, my gosh.

These places are something you easily learn to appreciate when you travel, especially coming from Denmark, where there isn't much of a visible underground and neither a mecha for artists of any sort.

The 'food court' had so much delicious looking food in a lot of small booths - Prone to getting sick of 'questionable' food, I unfortunately didn't have the guts to try any of it, even though the cooks tried hard to lure you closer, I will give them that.

The Horse Tunnel Market was just astounding to say the least, I had never expected it to be like it was, it both felt very old, but also got a somewhat Firefly feel from the market, because of the fushion of all sorts of cultures in such a crammed place.

It was cold as balls though, so it was hard to really appreciate everything there, but I can just imagine how amazing of a place this is when the weather heats up.

Onwards to Chinatown and chinese food!
I was pretty disappointed of anything else but food there, very inflated prices, but the mood was still interesting. I do admit that I had expected much more from this part of town, so I guess I DID set up my own demise.

We settled on a restaurant with a stereotypical name, and if I remember right it was "The Red Dragon", but oh my gosh gosh gosh, I have never had such good chinese food!

I ordered a carrot, corn and chicken porridge for starters and then squid for main - and can I just.... This was the most delicious food I've had in a loooong time! If you don't know, I'm a sucker for shell-fish and squid, in Denmark, unfortunately, it's rare to find squid prepared and served properly. *sadface*

Oh my gosh, I have nothing other to say than this Cheesecake was friggin amazing and so filling and I am ready to have something right now.
You realize how sucky a lot of food are prepared in Denmark, when you eat in other countries - Unless you wanna pay big buck, which HA - poor students can't. *heats microwave pizza

The station closes to us was Paddington station, which my inner child was extremely happy about, I remember watching and reading the Paddington Bear stories as a kid and just falling for the both sad and happy elements of it.
And I somehow just have it tied to my Grandma, for some reason.

Monday was just some more shopping, but most importantly was our english breakfast at Angus Steakhouse, close to our Hotel and just opposite of Paddington station.
I have to admit, if I could I would eat this every day, and I'd get soooo fat, but it would be SOOO worth it!


Another important thing happen as well! I got my girl her birthday present - yes, if you know when our birthday is, I know it's late, but our schedules has been crazy, how did those three months pass so quick? dang.
ANYWAY I paid for her new piercings - she's been wanting them in what feels forever, so I was happy to be able to give her that. (through another persons hands though, are you crazy?)

She was a real sport about it too, I whined like a little witch when I got my second pair XD

Tuesday was the day we were traveling home, so we had to get the generic sightseeing stuff out of the way, just so I could say I've been there and seen it.

Denmarks next Top Model or what? These booths reaaaally needs a tidying job from all the.... frequent use.

One last goodbye to Peter, before moving a long. I can say that it's been so surreal to see something I've dreamt about for so many years, and it's not even vibrant in my mind, but more like a haze.
The statue was both bigger and more perfect than I could have expected - I am proud to say that I ALMOST didn't cry, maybe a few manly tears, but other than that, it was just marvel.

We DID go to see the Diana of Whales memorial, because I really wanted to, buuut.. wow... disappointment - you could do so much better England, so to contrast that, we went to see the the Palace of Westminister and Big Ben, which did not fail to impress, all the details all the shiny, so much pretty.

After that, we did the LAAAAST shopping, went to get our bags, and then it was bye bye to London and UK.

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  1. All these photos make me want to go to London again, too... Wasn't there for at least 2 years.. (;へ:)
    Eitherway... looks like you had a lot of fun! And having a fun time with the dear one(s) is always awesome! (。´∀`)ノ