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Monday, February 17, 2014



I decided to try out one of the Préférence lighteners, mostly because it was on sale. I used the 10.21 STOCKHOLM back when I had white hair, and I liked the, although weak potency, ashy color.

I will start off by saying that this review does not start from zero, since I had ALREADY bleached my roots ONCE with this same bleach, so if you want to get a feeling of my natural roots, I'll refer you to this review; Naturigin EXTREME ASH BLONDE 11.2
I have also mixed both blue and violet dye into the bleach to tone, so remember this, even though the package promises an ashier blonde.

T h e  B l e a c h: Mixing is no problem and a kind I prefer due to it being more liquid, rather than creamy. For my half an inch roots the product covers my full head neatly, even with leftovers. (40ml/80ml/4.4ml Hi-Shine elixer)
I kept the product on my roots easily, despite the liquid texture and it was very easy for me to apply evenly throughout my hair (with the help of a frontal and back mirror of course)

The first bleach had lifted the color to a natural orange, my roots ARE darker than the recommended usage, so I didn't expect it to come out much lighter than this.

I applied the dye evenly on my hair, and as it did the first time, it turned into a darker dye, because of the added color, so I wouldn't expect it to do the same if it hadn't been added.
I left the dye in for about 40 minutes so I could finish my American Horror Story episode.

I rinsed out the dye and added my usual blue-toned conditioner and this was the result. It's slightly darker on the picture than it is dry, and my sides are definitely lighter in color than the top, which still has a slight hue, but otherwise is light enough to get toned out.

Taking your time with weaker bleaches, instead of ONE strong one, definitely makes a difference when it comes to the health of your hair - my roots are not dry and my hair doesn't feel as coarse as it could have.

In conclusion, the Préférence line is NOT as potent as many other when it comes to their bleaches/lighteners, but if you want to keep your hair healthier and can handle a few off-hair days/weeks, it is definitely worth your time - especially in the long run if you're growing your hair out.
it definitely has "will try again"-value

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