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Sunday, April 20, 2014

I didn't forget you! (OUTFIT DUMP)

I promise I haven't forgotten about my blog, I've just been extremely busy the last few months, oh gosh, can you even believe it?

Anyways! I wanted to share some of my body and face with you all!
It'll be from new to older, because I'm lazy like that - AND STICK WITH ME TO THE END, I have something exciting to share :D

New Yorker ' FREE YOUR MIND' Tank & DOC Martens

I went to a small amusementpark called 'Dyrehavebakken', loosely translated to... nothing, let's just say "Animal Hill", haha
I met up with my friend Emi, @thedustyleaves, so my sister and her friend could walk around by themselves, we had a lot of fun and she DID snap some pictures at me, and oh gosh, I'm so awkward outside of cosplay, but she did get some cute shots - thank you baabe!

H&M Leopard Dress
I'm so happy that spring has come and we're going into summer soon, which means that all the types of dresses that I like is now going in the stores and just, ugh please yes!
I wore this to visit my mom with my lovely Mie and my grandparents, since my mom and brother is camping not too far from my house - family good times!

ROMWE 'Coca Cola dress' & DOC Martens

I saw this dress on ROMWE and I just knew that I NEEDED it in my closet, I have to confess that I think blue and red is perfect colors together, just... yes. And I'm not saying that I like Cola, buuut.... I do 8D
The dress was a steal because it was on sale at the time - I knew I'd had to adjust it a little, because I'm between ROMWE sizes, but I had to do alot more than I thought, the dress was much longer on me than on the model, so I customed it into a waterfall mini-dress, and I think I like it even more like this.

ONLY T-shirt

H&M 'I love girls with a british accent'

If you follow me on my other social networks, you might know one of the reasons why I haven't updated here so much - It's because I'm finally on facebook!

You will now find me at

Please join me, because I'd like to get to know you all!!

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