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Friday, August 29, 2014


I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one out there who likes to look at cute things and wear cute things!
So I had a nice little talk with the lovely people at Pastel Kitty and convinced them to be a little nice to me AND to you guys!

So here's a little "wishlist" of item's I've fallen in love with on the site, if any of them inspires you or INTEREST YOU then don't hesitate!

Go to Pastel Kitty now and use the DISCOUNT CODE "kamirenee" for 10% off your purchase


Floral Rabbit Ears Hairband (x) | Cute Cat Necklace (x)
$7  | $4.50 


Crystal Studded Tights (x) | High Waist Navy Blue Shorts (x)
$15 | $18


  1. Oh my god. I already commented on IG but this shop is absolutely adorable and amazing.
    I just checked out their page (because my phone usually is a bitch about stuff like that) and there are just so many things I find myself adoring to the max. Thanks for the share (and the discount code ofc) again! *^*

    1. Can't wait to see what you're getting!!

    2. Me neither, haha
      I'm always super hesitant when it comes to buying things. Even (or especially) things I really want to have...
      It's annoying but I can't count the times my friends or my family already needed to proverbially force me to buy something just because I just couldn't get myself to do it no matter how much I wanted it...
      I hope I can get a grip though and get my hands on an item or two.... ;)

    3. Same. But I totally understand!
      I keep with the philosophy of... If I keep thinking about an item days after I've seen it, then it's something I should get (if I can afford it of course haha)