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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ring ding dong ~

<-- Will this picture stop people from asking how my hair get so big?
Backcombing is messy XP

This weekend was busy, but one of the best I've had in a long time!

For everybody who says I live where only farmers do.
This is the road to Mari's place XP

Friday Mari hosted a BBQ, nam nam nam, and I got to meet new and interesting people.
Of course all of them with that.. nothern... thing, that we got up here where I live XD
Very special indeed.

And I got these! OMIGOSH SO NOM NOM! I can't believe it!

and heey, high five for me getting hit on! no . . ? I was just fixing my hair.
why do I always get cornered by the scenekid-fetish-people x__x;; don't comment on that.


I went home around 2-3 am, Shiro joined me so he could get some sleep.

Since saturday = CONCERT DAY

At Maku's place, getting ready.

The weather was bullshit though, so there weren't NEARLY as many people as the year before..
BUT, almost all the people there.. came because they wanted to see the Lillith XD

Only part I got, go check youtube for proper stuff
The only equipment screw-up was actually Shiro's mic, so it've definitely been one of the better concerts!
Proud proud.

Watching Amin Jensen, danish stand-up comedian.
After the concert Nashi, Schneider, Hayes, Hopy, Maku and myself went to Shiro's place for pizza and just good time.
Though it ended up with me, Schneider and Shiro sitting talking all kinds of BS, since the others left and Nashi went to bed :3


  1. Good to see, that you're on blogspot :b *added you*
    Pretty girl with delicious lion pops, nooom. gotta love those ;.; <3

  2. hahaha I thought you didn't like blogspot!
    but anyways

  3. Lovin' your hair girrrl! No surprise lol! And you're sooo cute :D

    *will be stalking from now on*