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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I do big boy things, I make big boy noise

Mirror at H&M, who can resist taking pictures in it?

Yesterday I met up with Moggie <3
Because  I didn't wanted to go alone to Black No. 1 XD haha
I bought a blue hair dye, and second batch is in my hair now.. not really effective x_x;

And I went to sleep around 8pm, because I hadn't slept the night before XD
Gawd I was beat.

TOP outfits everywhere at H&M

I'm planning to make (if I can afford it, and hurry and make it for Genki) a Shuichi Shindo cosplay.
Yes, Gravitation. YES, I know it's been done, YES YES YEEES.. but I don't think that anyone have done his normal outfit.
And pulled it off XP = I wanna try it out!

And of course.. Sabine will be my Eiri, for Love Mustache, ufufufufu

Crappy editing? Yes, I do believe so XD

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  1. muhar... you just wait, Shuu-han.. my mustache will rape your mind . <3