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Monday, July 12, 2010

I never update, huh?

Looking like a small day.
It's too hot to dress-up (or clean)

I've actually just realized..

There's sooo many people I'm going to miss doing the next month, and miss now.
Everybody is leaving, and I'm stuck here ;A;

My dad's leaving soon.
I sitted my brother and sister, saturday, when my mom wanted to go to this.. hillbilly fest thing XD
So we went to my aunts place and had loads of delicious food <3

obligatory Marvin picture <3
You can't really see it in this picture, but the iris in his right eye, has actually burst.
Which is why it looks so big, but he was born like that Ö

My entertainment center!
Since my mom and siblings are out camping... I've hogged my playstation back
and being playing some serious Tekken Tag/4, King of Fighters and Soul Caliber II <3


  1. "0 oh noses".. I was cracking up when I saw that xDDD ahhahahaa..

    AW! I'm not leaving ;A; lige omvendt >W< jeg kommer til Djævleøen xD ahahhaa!

  2. hey dit nye layout er mega pænt :D!

    jeg vil også have photoshop .n.!