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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Today I went to CPH with my sister.
We had both skipped breakfast, so we both agreed to get some 'brunch' at Wagamama.
om nom nom nom <3
It's so expensive now that my student card has expired XD

She's such a slow eater, notice my bowl.
And I know. We look alike, we don't look alike... it varies XD

Dried fruit = nom nom, Mango was mine of course.
I love mango. Hard.

Danny Cho, is that you!?

And now we're back home.
Bought fabrics, and ready to get the show on the road !

Btw, Sunset had this staff competition between three restaurants, about how fast we could get orders out.
We won big time. And what do we get? Frickin' cream puffs.
Gtfo head courters. GT-EFFIN-O.

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  1. ej nederen præmie lol!

    omg dine madvaner !!! seriøst!!!XD