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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

3 times of missing

As... some of you know. My dad is currently in Libanon, by request of the military.
And as... not as many know. It's his third time away, first Kosovo and then Irak.

But I'm not gonna get all sad and depressed right now.
This post is for me and how much I love my dad.

I think of him every day, sometimes only for a few seconds, but still every day.
Just little, very insignificant, things can remind me of him. About all the good times.
I've realized, slowly, very slowly, that missing someone isn't always a bad thing. Yes. Surely we all know that missing someone makes you feel bad, because you want this person close. But going beyond that.. it means you have someone to actually miss, someone you care about enough, to actually feel lonely without.
Of course I love my dad, it's perfectly natural (even for some broken families), but my dad is also one of my most reliable friends.
He've always been the neutral ground I needed to land on, when everything turned upside down.

Just yesterday I was close to tears, because one costumer at my job, smelled exactly like him. The leather from the boots he wears at work, the wiped-off car-oil, and the cologne he rarely replaces. It wasn't a sad feeling at all, it just made me happy, like I just had a new shot of 'dad', to last me through the next two weeks before I get to see, touch and smell him again.
I know I'll cry again when he have to leave once more, but I accept that partly.
I just hope I'll be better at updating him about what's going on in my life after that.

It's just hard being directly reminded that your best friend is countries from you.

(One day, I'll show you this dad. I hope it won't make you cry, because I've kept my smiling tears in to write this.)

I love you.


  1. You made me cry now T___T - also done the near crying thing in a store once.

    But I know the feeling of missing a parent, it sucks but as you said; it just shows how much you love them.

    Just write any time baby, I love you <3

  2. I second Mie, I'm into tears aswell ;__;
    It's so fucking beautiful and I feel so happy that you and your dad is best friends like that. I just wish I could hug you right now! D:


  3. D: This is so sad! but so sweet. I understand this, I've been away from my dad for years, I think my whole life I've seen him only 3 times.

    I hope you and your dad can be re-united again soon! :)