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Monday, November 8, 2010

Being the girly type?

Yes. The hair is brown again. Thank you for asking.
I loved having grey hair, but my hair just didn't do a good job in keeping the dye in for long, so it washed out within a few days looking more... ew-ish XD

So. This is a proper update, even though I have nothing special to update about.
At this time... I just hang out with mustachebuddy, Nadia and work. Neglect my sewing projects.. that sorta stuff.

This is just a little thing I took, Nadia obsessing over cakes. XDD

So since it's not completely winter here, it's warmer than it've been all the last years, anyway..
I'm really enjoying the skies of this season, it just brightens up my early mornings on my way to work <3

Speaking of work...
How you like my new jewelry? I earned it by burning my wrist on the frying machine. Oh how I just love scolding hot air. Ha.. ha....

Anycase... today was my day off, so I dressed up with my new wig and a pair of heels.
I personally think that I could rock this look on a day to day basis, but... I like my genderqueer hair and uggs XP

I bought a loli dress (for real cheap) *cough cough cough*


  1. I hate you for being so pretty <3

  2. I wanted to buy that dress XD Ass <3

    You look so pretty and girly, and if you passed me in the streets I would pay no attention to you what-so-ever, clueless that I love you <3

    Awwwe! D: You gotta be more carefull yo! DX It's too far away for me to come blow and kiss it! DX

  3. ej jeg kan slet ikke forstille mig dig feminin XD
    lol, det er helt urealistisk og kommer slet ikke på tale!
    det bliver så mærkeligt at se dig i loli !!!!
    (hvis jeg kommer til det)

  4. HAHAHAHAHAH I remember me and Bine entering the house and there.. JUST in front of us, you were in your pwetty dress smiling at us :D haha, so cute~

    I like you being girly, too!!!! It suits you xD you can liek.. wear anything (OwO)!

    OMG obsessing over cakes... I like! <3

  5. ahhh you're adorable!! that wig looks amazing on you.

  6. Jeg kan nu bedst li' dig feminin <3 Synes næsten det er en skam når du har cutie face ^^' Long hair suits you babe ^^