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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Yesterday I went to visit Hayes (and Gabs), who've just had MAJOR FREAKING SURGERY!!! (not really, but surgery still)
We just hung out and ate sugary stuff untill I had to go home, very relaxing really XP

How you like my new boxers? XD (Yes, I know. I'm -50% muscle)

Though on my way home, I got the worst stomach cramps, which led me to remember...... I can't eat candy anymore, stupid. x__X;;
I dunno what've happen, but every time I eat candy and sugar stuff, I just get really sick cramps.
Yeah.... that's no fun, but it's not like it's been something I ate all the time, so not the biggest loss XP

Best picture I could get of russet, he's not really that big, he's just sticking his head waaay forward.


  1. Stomach cramps, best diet evaaar! xD

    And damn girl, I would loooove to have a tummy like yours! And those boxers is the shizzel XD


  2. og vi ved alle at du bare ville vise din mave frem ;) så du behøver ikke pege på dine boxers

  3. Gitte - nope, det er Russ, den kat jeg bor med :D

    We like the tummy :3 ~ Thanks for visiting, baby.