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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Green stuff goes in the mouth!

You know you like.
What? Yes.
Me and Amazinglovemustachebuddy got this EPI--- no wait.. LEGENDARY, idea.
Green cake! oh yes, they bake alot around here (I do the eating mostly), but we decided we were going to make a green cake.. which we didn't... because there was no cake we liked, that we could turn green.
Alas... we made pancakes!

Pancake mix for cheaters <3!!

And yes. Wearing wigs is a must for almost all weird stuff we do around here. You will learn if you visit us!


The glorious Green Hulkcakes. Try them now. They're very low on protein, PERFECT FOR YOU!

And todays breakfast, om nom nom!

Was todays blog all about food? Am I copying someone? NOOOEH!
I don't know what you're talking about there!


  1. XD hvorfor spiser du altid ved computeren?!?!
    og hvorfor står din ketchup ikke i køleskabet men ved computeren?!?! Jeg er meget forvirret !!!

    - og btw. awsome idé med grønne pandekager :D

  2. green pancakes looks deliciooous! <3

  3. Orh jeg får lyst til at eksperimentere med frugtfarve igen <3 Weird coloured food rocks! Lavede engang turkis, lilla og blå pasta, det var flot <3

  4. Wait for it.. ;D

    Mehmmm Fooood XD <3
    Og parykker! Intet som syntetisk hår i maden 8D

    .. DARY!

  5. You shouldn't overdo them - brown x green pancakes doesn't look way too delicious >o< But I like the idea, hahaha! They kinda look like ice cream pancakes!

  6. You and your bloody cake XD You're becoming te new Thien!