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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cakes and Snakes

Soo..... Tuesday, me and Lovemustachebuddehforebarh went to get some pictures of my Ciel costume.
Afterwards we went shopping for some groceries, and we found cheap cakecream = we decided to make a birthday cake, layers and all XDD

I've never made a cake like this before, yes I know, wth.. but my mom never let me help out XD
So this was my first time, and I must say it was pretty frustrating and fun at the same time.

We played around with it, since I was still wearing my Ciel stuff; Ciel baking on his own. (oh we're nerds, I know)

*photospam starts here*

Thank you god for helping me succeed !

And me, getting a VERY not so happy mother-in-law some day XD

I tell you. This cake. Best I've ever hard (almost XD)
It turned out really good, definitely gonna make it again XD

And atm, I'm watching Snakes and Earrings (Read the book, then watch the movie!!), and I've fallen head over heels with the guy who plays Ama, Kengo Kora.
You gotta admit... that's some pretty nice manstuff right there. <3


  1. Picture #2 = expression of win.

    But nothing about your darling Hayes' amazing dinner for your guys, huh huh? Methinks that movie might just want to go back home to papa before you're done watching it enough times!

  2. det er så like 1400 kcal. I sidder og æder der XD;;

  3. Omg, Kengo Kora <3
    He is the lovely stuff XD