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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Flat to Fat

I've been a little restless these days, so I've started figuring out how I actually want my room, since it's pretty much a clutter of cute and nerd. Don't like.

So I've started making some wall deco, just for the fun of it.

I'm a messy worker, yes.

Above my bed, I'll definitely need to make more to hang around at other spots

I'm thinking about making plushies in this sort of style aswell.
Since I have dust allergies, it won't be in 'cuddly' fabric, most likely something smooth that doesn't collect dust as much.
But we'll see what I can afford next month.

Some of you might notice that my pictures start to go "low quality", a few days after I've posted.
And I don't know right now if it's blogger or tinypic that's doing it .__.;;


  1. Oh, så inspirerende! De er vældig søde, dine små monsters :D

    Jeg trænger os' til noget nyt og anderledes derhjemme. Jeg synes der er lidt kedeligt hos mig D:

  2. Kami I love reading your blog posts!
    they make me happy!
    Your like an inspiration to me~
    your positive upbeat attitude + your style!

    Your awesome ^____^


  3. Awwwh!

    And it's tinypic, I've noticed the same shit happening to the few pictures I upload to RG for instance. ^^;
    You can upload directly from your PC to Blogspot, you know that right?