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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Without Butlers

Yes, I have a big head, stfu

Kiba came by yesterday, so that we could continue working on our cosplays, and also make a video for my youtube.

Prepping for videoes really can be a hassle, especially since you've just cleaned up, and a lot of the things you need, actually isn't in your room anymore (or in plain sight for that matter)

Pretteh, I know! *heart*

Afterwards we started sewing roses again, but only for like.... 10 minutes, then we had to start prepping food, for when lovemustachebuddy came home! Kiba had brought stuff for yakisoba, delicious, people! D E L I C I O U S *heart*

Then we ate some, danced some, played some Silent Hill and I went to bed, because I'm old like that XD

Have I mentioned how much I love our evening view?


  1. You guys/girls looks so pretty in your cosplay! >w<b

  2. mad mad gør hver mand glad ~ nananananasomethingsomething

  3. YOU played Silent Hill? HAHAHA NO WAY x,DDD

  4. I enjoyed this. in a creepy way. a good creepy way. just to add onto the creepiness. XD

  5. We like Silent Hill 8D And your video was great!