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Friday, February 18, 2011

Fight for you

How displeased can one cat look? Really.

Today I wanted to dress up, just because I've been looking like.... crap for the last several days, so cha.
I did that, shot a vlog that I have to redo, and right now I'm just hanging around, waiting for my dad.

Yesterday I finally got my FernGully DVD, and of course.. instant watch.
I love it as much as anything still, and it was heck of fun to actually re-watch it and just notice how choppy animation were back then XD pure love.

Ninja Assassin is Bine's, but I've been raping it hard.

Also I've watched... Twilight and Twilight Eclipse (Lea! Wai u no have New Moon?)
and my conclusion is... it's shot like a 90's B-movie, really. I'm sorry if you're head over heels for the movies, but truth be told... they really are. I like the story and understand the fandom, but everything is too rushed and it bugs me.
Oh well.

Oh Peter Facinelli, why must you be so hand-me-some?


  1. Ferngully is just.... not my cartoon ^^ Robbin williams voice work as the bat and Tim curry as the villian (if I remember correctly) is quite good though ^^
    and yay for Ninja Assasin =D finally a decent ninja movie.

    personally I prefer my twillight movies with Rifftrax ;)

  2. I love FernGully! I remember growing up watching it. I think my grandma even had two copies of it XD

  3. Ninja Assasin is indeed rapeable =///=

  4. You cat is adorable!! Also, ferngully is an old time favorite of mine :].
    Oh, and I added you on tumblr! i'm notsosimplybrittany over there :3