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Thursday, February 17, 2011

When it all says

How you like my new headdress?

Bunbun went home today, but we still managed to do more comfy stuff. (I have no sense of time right now, so I dunno when we did what ^^;)

When I got back from work, I started being creative with all my old accessory stuff, Tenna inspired me <3
Simple stuff, I know, but come on. First time customizing something like this XD;
That's earrings on the necklace btw.

We also 'celebrated' Nadia's real birthday, laMustacheranger2 prepared some buns and me and Bun made our burgers :3 tasty tasty~

It was nice having my lovely bun around, especially now, since I've gotten the boot from Sunset.
You never know, how much you appreciate your friends, until something like that happen.
I love you babies <3

Look at these pretty drawings she made of me and a couple picture of us!


  1. yourheaddress is very nice. it was good to see you both. =)
    Dorthea's drawing of you two is adorable ^^

  2. OMG, you got fired? :S
    I love Dothea's drawings :D Weee! Make me happy happy ^^

  3. Sounds like an awesome time!
    But sucks that you got fired(?) :c

    Musens drawings are always amazing <3