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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Industrial string adhesive

As said, I went to CPH with my younger sister yesterday, but we didn't go to the movies, since Tangled was playing waaaay too late for us simple townsfolk D:
So it was shopping instead.

Anycase I got her two manga's for her birthday, and also Alice in the country of Hearts, for myself. I looove the drawings in it, and also the designs, they're amazing!

And I got some really cheap clothes, bag and wedges <3

I've seriously needed a smaller bag, something that doesn't way a ton, where I can keep just wallet and other small necessities.
And the wedges, mmmmh! cheap and easy and simple!

So it's sorta, kinda, snowing right now, but in a really pathetic way, so it's just flying around, not covering anything.
I gotta go to work, and I guess after that, I'll go home and snort some more.

Us internet people have such interesting lives.


  1. Wish Louie a happy cakeday from me, yea? <3

  2. I love the blue sweater~ It says "high school" or something like that on it, right?

  3. Hey, I got that blue shirt too ;P
    H&M rocks :P