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Saturday, February 19, 2011

You know what I'm saying

Sorry for my "hikikomori" post yesterday, I just needed to vent a little.

Anycase, as said, I went out with my dad to buy groceries and have some dinner.

Simple, but so delicious <3

I was going to take my sister to the movies, but transport and all that, just didn't fit together.

So I'll probably take her to Palads, sometime this coming week, she want's to watch Tangled in English (insert amazingly proud older sibling). So we're gonna do that :3

This is a few shots from my old room at my dads. Never allow a 10-yearold to pick the wall-color of their room. Why do parents never learn?


  1. simple food is often the best =)
    hah. your room is more cramped and kaotic than mine was XD

  2. Haha xD I find the color cool, just not for such a small room xD Would defenatly only pick it for 1 wall only in a big room x3

    Simple food can be much more yummier than advanced food :0 <3

  3. I made a KH2 Fanime about a girl named Kami x3