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Saturday, February 12, 2011

These are prison rules

Last redxblack shot ~

Today I met up with my mom for some good brunch time and shopping, must say.. I miss hanging out with my mom like this. I hope we'll have just a good relationship when I get older. Yes please.

Anycase, we tried out a new café, Café Valentin (haha, pun intended, no.)

Gotta admit, delicious! The sausages was... omg I need moar now.

After we had been shopping, we called my grandma (mom's mom), to force ourselves on her = Coffee for the ladies.

We stayed there for about two hours or so, talking mostly about family and stuff.
And I was unpleasantly surprised about some stuff, which makes me kinda sad, but let's keep that on the hush hush.

And then home, with my loot and a very nice and newly decorated living room, covered with gayguys, but I guess I can deal. The girls worked hard :3

Anygays... here's my loot, very nice!

The black one have long sleeves fyi. and the black area on the beige/grey is transparant :3
And did anyone say second awesome necklace ever?

And attractive picture of UrGayAzn


  1. That food looks yummy ü And sounds like a great date with your mom!

    I have that "Give me a smile" shirt as well - I looooooove NewYorker sooo much *A*

  2. You looked so adorable today, luv! Luvin the new outfits.