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Monday, June 6, 2011

Only eight other vegans

Didn't realize it's been over a month XD;;;

So I'm still working at the kindergarden, and it's still... a trial for me. I really dislike certain types of kids, my fave one is this girl, who never speaks and does whatever you ask her to. And this 10 months old boy, who's the most easy baby ever and he loves me, so yeah. I'm a dog person!!

But dudes and dudettes, relax your panties, because as of this weekend, me and my girlfriend is facebook official 8D

I know, I know, most unromantic contact name, but it's always the last thing I get around to x__x;;;

I guess some people where surprised, some weren't, but we really did think this through, and we've taken our time before revealing anything, and it feels right, so there. B3

OTHER lesser exciting news (omg, but still amazing!)

I'm not really a gamer, truly. Only combat and speed, but I'm expanding my horizon, and right now I'm working my way through Bioshock, and liking it so far.

And just for reminders, remember everything cosplay related is posted at Defying Gravity


  1. tillykke :D Mie er virkelig også en sød flot pige!

    og snyd med ps'erne!

  2. Why must you be so sweet and make my butterflies come back even though I am warm as hell and feeling so tired? <3

  3. congratz. <3
    I see you're watching kassemg there, oh ho ho. :D

  4. Omg dude er du optaget nu! Pis ogs havde ellers tænkt mig at score dig til næste fest!! D: (og Kiba) Nooooo!!!

  5. Tillykke, jeg er så glad på jeres vegne!~~ >w< og om nom nom spil! <3

  6. HA HA HA Bioshock is ONE think xD Kingdom Hearts where you die ALOT is another :D ~ but you already know <3

  7. Congratz on going "official" with your girlfriend ♥

    ..but I have to say that it's a sin to use such a crappy television for a PS3 :c Full-HD + 100Mhz, plzzzzzz!