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Friday, June 10, 2011

Soccer league newsletter

Being totally manly while drinking my diet coke

Cha cha cha, look! I'm updating! And it hasn't been a month.
I'm such a boss.


I'm on some new painkillers, and they don't work for more than three hours.
So when they've worked, I've used my time wisely (baah)

Yesterday this gorgeous girlfriend of mine, came to visit, while I was all pathetic, but it was nice having her here, just chillaxing <3

<-- Ur so attractive Bøsseh <3

Today, I went out with Mustachefriend to Panduro, for some cosplay stuff and then with Nadia to get a new lense/potens forlænger for my camera, and I got the most awesome one! Can't wait to go photoshooting!

Also, Killing came by to get her wig cut, and she hung around for a few hours. She's really a cool girl, so I'm happy we got introduced 8D

Anycase, now I'll go back to watch Two and a Half men.


  1. Nadia's sexah-factor is totally high in that collage. Just sayin'.

  2. nederen at du er på drugs, du burde få dig et bedre immunforsvar : P