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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I thought I wasn't gonna be able to stop

My days have been filled with doctors appointments, work, and some time with my lovely girl.


Been at the doctors, mostly just to make sure I'm taking the right medicine, and not crossing the wrong things. But everything seems fine, and I'm on all the right stuff, which is actually making very happy, since it's been a big worry of mine. /tmi already, no you cannot know what I'm taking and why~

And since I've found myself in dire need of shirts, mostly the ones you can just put on and feel instantly fly. I've been shopping a little. And hey, I love the checkered and denim ones, I can't help myself, it's an obsession really.

Also I had my dad out yesterday, since I needed to fine a jacket for this winter, and HE found me this one (yes, I've tought him well), the grey is a part of the jacket, and I think it's a pretty cool myself, at least for now 8D

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  1. You know I lubs checkered and denim shirts. BE FOREVER HIPSTER WITH ME. <3