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Sunday, September 11, 2011

I'll keep going, and I'll never stop

Yesterday I went to the movies with my mom, her friend and my younger sister. We watched Harry Potter 7 pt. 2 /longest title ever. Even though I was totally pumped for watching Cowboys & Aliens, must do that another time then.

The movie left me... fairly disappointed, I have to say. I admit that the animations were great, and the story well told, and there were a lot of good parts in it, but I didn't feel like it delivered what people have been psyching over. /not saying it didn't, because I'm not a fan, I own the movies and have read all of the books twice.
I was close, but only close, to tears when Snape's story was told, just because I love the character so much.
I don't want to write a review of the entire movie, I'll just say... I'm glad I got to watch it on the big screen, but I could easily have waited for it to come out on DVD/Blue Ray.
(And Harry's cockblocking till the end, made me very happy 8D)

Afterwards we went out too get some food, at our regular pizza place, and I ordered the pasta I love. Tomato sauce, with garlic and shrimps, SOLD.


  1. Motherfu- Louie has gotten so tall @@

  2. Dude.. det er som om dit hår slet ikke kender til tyngdekraftens regler O_Ô
    Dit topbanner er for awesome btw (^__^)/

  3. waaaah kami! Jeg eeeelskede også bare da man så Snapes minder! det er det man kalder en kærligheds historie!
    Alan Rickman er så kær når han er ked af det xD
    - maden ser lækker ud *__* del med mig! xD haha
    U be awesome man! xD