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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Let's go, hah!

Lots of stuff to tell you really, so let me get started.
My birthday was on the 7th of October, I turned 21. Me and my girl arranged for a joint birthday, since we're actually born on the same day, just different year, spooky~ we know.
Eventhough our birthday is so early in the month, that wouldn't stop us from taking on the Halloween theme, and so we did. No pictures though XD

I made my girl this foam Joker, with a movie and a pair of earrings, a little motivation, so she'll get her ears pierced sooner, haha.
And a shot of what I got from my lovely friends, DUDES! When you showed up with gifts I wanted to cry so hard, why are you all so amazing? And all of the mustache~~ !
/I don't have a shot of my girls gift, but I'll definitely get a proper one soon, since it's by far the best gift I've received in years!

Barbara came the day before the party, to hang and help out, we watched Top Gun Thursday night, and we're going head to head!
I attempted to make my own cake, and it ended up looking so disgusting XD tasted fine, but totally disgusting.
Sadako came by aswell. Must uphold the tradition.

The party itself turned out so much better than I could have hoped for, and it was so great having so many people in the house, chatting, dancing and whatever us weird people do.

Sunday I hosted a smaller birthday for my family only /or the family that I want to hang around with.
I made buns, which they enjoyed a lot, which is good, because I'm never ever making buns ever again, thank you.

This sunday, I went to a mall called Fisketovet, we didn't expect anything to be open, but apparently everything was, so some money got spend.
If you don't know it yet, you might aswell know it now... I collect movies.. You could almost say that I hoard movies actually, right now my collection is about 500+ /at least last time I counted, but I buy new movies all the time, so yeah... XD

Yesterday I got soo pissed at my cosplay that I just needed a break from it and decided that I might as well do something that I've wanted to try out for a while. And voila.

The quotes are both from Peter Pan, which is a character and story, that I hold very dear.
I actually really want the bottom text tattooed, but I think it's too much text to have anywhere on my body, and I don't like a tattoo that you need 15+ seconds to read.
But this way I'll be reminded, every day, about what these words represent to me.


  1. OHH I'm so comin' at you for the door and the Eddie Izzard dvd! D:< expect to get robbed soon! My people will get at your people! Mwahaha
    Happy belated birthday tho! (I wrote on your wall anyway...) I wanna see what your gf got youuu! D:

  2. Aaaaw Kami.. miss you guys so much ;A: wish I could have been there for your and Kibas birthdays >n< And you look pwetty in the first picture ^___^
    Haha I didn't know you collected movies!! 500+ wooow.. noticed you had a lot but but.. XD

    And LOVE the text IN YOUR ROOM! looks so colorful too ♥ it's kewl~