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Monday, October 31, 2011

Most of last week I was home, doing mostly nothing, since I'd fallen pretty hard monday night, and both of my knees where aching and cracking, thankfully my doctor confirmed today that they're fine, no complications thankfully!

So, the 21st of october, me and my lovely girl, went to see Batman LIVE, which was pretty amazing, the costumes, choreography and their stage set-ups, of course also the very homo-erotic hints everywhere /oh Riddler, forever the other me.

 I couldn't figure out what I wanted to dress up in, so I just went with casual.

We had seats in "Gotham city middle" at first, I wasn't sure if our seats where great or not, but when the whole act started, I knew we couldn't have gotten better. We could see all the details on every characters outfit, amazing.

Today I went downtown and finally used the gift card I'd gotten from my mom on my birthday, and this is what I got.
Leopard tights, plaid shirt /because I will never have enough of them, and a necklace with Alice in Wonderland theme.

I was close to buying a Pinnochio necklace as well, but the colors and paintjob wasn't to my liking.

Tomorrow it's back to work, so everything will be not so interesting for ya'll again.