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Monday, November 28, 2011

It's okay, sweetie.

Me and my grandparents.

This sunday, I went to my grandmother and grandfather's house, to celebrate the first Advent, I saw their new house, and omg it's glorious, and it's actually in the town I grew up in.

The closest family had gathered, and I'm just happy we've settled in our little group, and accepted that we don't need the others who don't really care /tmi

So we ate.. a lot and did a gift-exchange sort of game, I haven't participated the other years, since I'm just such a sore loser, and hates ending up with nothing, but whaddya know, I actually did win myself and my sister a gew gifts 8D

Let's break the collab down;
1; My most gorgeous mother | 2; Me and my siblings | 3; My oldest danish cousin | 4; Pictures of me, sibs, grand parents at their wedding, and me in my Ciel costume | 5; Most of the family | 6; Younger sister.

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