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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Raindrops keeps falling on my head

Today I went to visit my lovely girl, just to hang out, not do anything much, but before that, we went out to run some errands, and I got some christmas gifts for tomorrow, aand prepping for the 24th.

Then onwards to her house, for some hot cocoa, and then dying her hair, this amazing dark brown color, she's been considering for some time now, so heey 8D
And of course, we had to take pictures to document it.

Also, as you can see I've cut my hair a little and styling it differently now, also my exte's have been dyed their proper color, though the tips aren't yellow at all yet, oh well.. Hot pink is good enough for now 8D

In other news, there really haven't been much, I go to a lot of meetings after work, and I almost just sleep, so not really that exciting, huh?
So that's really all I have to update you with, so untill next time, you just gotta stay awesome.


  1. you looks so pretty with hot pink hair *_* ~

  2. I totally voted 'gay' up there. MWAHAHHAHA.
    And I dig the new hair-styling-thing you got going on.