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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hair appreciation

I thought it would be fun to have a little lookback on my fave hairstyles/colors, that I've had over the years, since I know I've gained most of my "following" from the hair on my head /not gonna lie XD

Since there's so "many" pictures, they'll be under a cut, for all of your enjoyment 8D also a little text, because I can

My orange hair, oh god how I loved it! Before this I DID have other radical colors, but this is a color that I actually liked a lot! And it wasn't something that everyone had, so I turned some heads.

The first time I had permanent extensions, it was a both weird and joyful experience. Hadn't had that length since I was 14, but I liked being able to be girly with big hair.

After getting my extensions out, I needed a change and had my hair cut short, with a half mullet thing, hard to explain, but I liked this short tomboy-ish look.

this length was actually an accident, because I cut my crown too short, but I came to love it a lot, since it was both big, but also short, and I thought it suited everything I wore around this time, the way I dyed it was also just... NOM.

Getting permanent extensions for the second time, this time in brown hair, eventhough I had a hard time styling it, since my natural hair was still a little too short, I thought it was nice having something a little more natural.

While having the second pair of extensions in, I accidently dyed my hair too dark, but in the end I didn't mind, my hair grew in to a proper length and I don't think I've ever again, had hair as big, as at that time.

My grey hair, oh lord all of my love! This was really a teenage dream, that unfortunately didn't last long, because the dye was really harsh on my pre-bleached hair, but something I'd definitely try again!

My reverse-Dumbo hair, I didn't have this for long, but I felt very refreshed having this hair, I must admit, I love hair when it's dyed into sections like this!

My pale brown hair, I didn't have this for long, but loved it while I did, I'm actually a sucker for light brown hair with no red-reflexes, it just... looks really good to me, can't explain it, haha.

Aaand, my current hair, the hairstyle is something I've been dying to have for a long time and finally got around to it! It's not finished, I really want yellow tips on my extensions/clip-in, but it seems like that might be impossible, so right now, they're hot pink, which I don't really mind either.

Tell me about what your favorite hairstyle/color has been, and why. And maybe something you'd like to try out in the future

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