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Sunday, January 15, 2012

We were first on the scene

Thought it was time to update again, since there actually HAVE been something happening in my life, haha.

I've started slowly getting some stuff for my room, so it's not just a place for just... my stuff.
It's going in a pretty girly direction, but I don't mind too much, a tiny fag can have girly things.
My overall idea of it, is pretty much the original Tinkerbell chamber.

The three, is for jewelry hanging, but all of my necklaces are too long, and I don't have enough hanging earrings. | I must admit, I love the look of flowers, but I don't seem to be able to keep real ones alive, alas.. fake flowers. Seashells from the Mermaid's Lagoon?

Haven't talked about New Years yet, huh? Well everybody else that was there, pretty much did, but I'll just make a note of it anycase.
We were a really big crowd, and everybody had a really nice time, very happy about that! I got so drunk, you won't even believe it, but weren't the only one, so I'm excusing myself.
/Just a quick note; for those who doesn't know, I'm of legal age and you should only drink responsibly.

Yesterday my girl decided it was time to use her birthday gift, a gift card to the movies + popcorn and drinks. We watched Sherlock Holmes 2, we had a great time and I was very positively surprised, at some points, I definitely think it's better than the first movie.

Right now, I'm working myself through some series and movies I've loaned from my dad (yes, there's movies I actually don't own yet!), and also went on a photoshoot today

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