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Friday, February 17, 2012

She did appreciate a handsome man

Today I'm disgustingly sick, so let's not talk about that, yeah?

The cold is having a firm grip on Denmark, and I dislike it. A lot. Give me some heat already.
I've been seeing my girlfriend a few times, not as much, because I'm broke and she started school again /OH THE SADNESS. and also played around with her Dog, Tanne, oh god so cute and sweet and just look at those ears! rawr.

Also tried parting my hair down the middle, hum hum hum, some things just look better in real life, I guess, haha.

Collective traffic is really slow, this time a year, but then I get to notice more stuff, like the sunrise in the first picture /which is unedited!
Frozen spiderweb and... a scissor stuck into a tree... because that's just what we do.

Other than that, it's all just work work, work work, work, but looking forward to tomorrow. Hosting a little 'Fastelavns' party /Let's call it karneval version of Halloween, don't feel like explaining.
Still haven't figured out what I want to dress as, but I'll figure out something.

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