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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Locked down from dusk, until dawn

This weekend le Mustache (1/2) hosted a small party, which included some sort of casual dress-up.
Myself, who planned it, didn't know what to wear until a few hours before the party started, that's just how I roll.
Dug out my old Manchester United (Beckham) shirt, and decided to go soccer inspired, faaab ponytails for everybody!

Actually I wanted to join my girl as Mufasa, since she decided on Scar, but I knew I'd end up with styling my hair as I usually do, and that'd just be boring, yeah?
But oh yes, just look at this lioness, rawr /oh so many puns to be ignored.

And everybody seemed like they had a great time, and I loved seeing how people had decided to dress-up, I just think it's more fun with some sort of theme to a party. /coughpeopleshouldupdatetheirblogscough

Some other stuff I'm doing a lot of right now is wall deco and just other interior deco-stuff, since I don't feel like sewing a whole lot, this is a good creative out lid for me.

The sky at this time of year is just amazing. I can't help but to snap a picture when I notice, other than this, I'm not really one who does a lot of cloud-watching, have to admit.

Can anyone guess BOTH the inspirations for this one? One of them I'm very enthusiastic about.
A little disappointed in just using the black background, but hey, that's how you learn, right?

Did these two on Christmas eve, just didn't get around to show them, don't know if I want to hang 'em up yet, or not, but I still think they're fun, and found out they're great gifts, oh joy.

I made this for my door, actually wanted it to say "a fucking mustache", but I don't feel like putting a curseword onto my door, stay classy kids!

The last one I did today, just for the heck of it really. Not sure what I'll use it for.

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  1. Hiya!
    I really, really adore your hair ;___; And your eyes! (besically everything you are >////>)
    And you two couldn't be any cuter >u<
    Sorry for being such a random D: