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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

And I believe in Miracles

Back with an update already? You know it, don't want the entries to get too crowded now.
Today have been very eventful, I've been doing some spending, since we just got a new chain store in the city, called Bilka /just imagine Walmart and I thought I'd check it out after my finished rootcanal.

Starting off.. I saw this spray painted onto one of the roads near my house. While I'm all for spreading awareness on causes and people like Joseph Kony, I think that 'destroying' public property is the wrong way to go. If you're going to voice yourself, be smart about it.

Anycase, here's some stuff I got. A lot of hair-repair products, I don't reeeaaally believe in this stuff solely, but I figured I would try and do better, haircare wise, since it's something I really haven't been doing in the past.
Also they had a lot of cheap nailpolishes, couldn't resist.
I bought a new brush, the old one was just getting too disgusting and it did more bad than good, and then my all-time favorite mascara, since I was running out.

I've also done my nails, I wanted to do something simple, but still with something /since I've just received a bunch of nailart brushes so I added a red feather and a jar of pixiedust.

Now for the most awesome purchase of the day. My new TV, not much to say other than it's really beautiful and I might have to marry it. Of course the first thing I had to watch on it was my new Michael Jackson DVD, orgasmic!

look at how much space it took up in the shopping cart, sheesh

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    and I'm getting so damn sick of that Kony bullshit already >_>" ugh