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Sunday, April 1, 2012

He's in the marshlands

A lot of stuff has actually happen since last time, pretty amazing huh?

Thursday morning I went to the dentist for the first time in... almost 4 years, and there was both good news and bad news, all my teeth looked good, except one. So I'm currently halfway through a root canal, and I gotta say... OH MY GOD THE STORIES ARE TRUE, hurts like hell! but I'll have amazing teeth afterwards, booyah~

In the afternoon my bestest buddy, Hayes, came by, so I could FINALLY give him his birthday gift.
I wanted to give him more, but the plan I had failed, so this is all for THIS TIME AROUND. I made him a 3D-inspired card, and a hollow book with a Sherlock Holmes quote in it. He shed a single manly tear /totally ratting you out here man which means that my mission was accomplished, ha! I bought us some cake and we just hung around for a few hours, good times.

Friday, the girl who curls mah mustache, came by and we needed some stuff, so we went downtown and came back with a few items.
I'm soooo happy about feathers coming into style, I've always loved feathers as an accessory, but when I was younger, I didn't have the guts to actually wear them in public, but now I can go be all swagtastic looking 8D
Also got these two studs, they're pretty heavy, but I think they look awesome when worn.

We also exchanged easter eggs, and the one I got was clearly the best, you better recognize.
Since Nadia had just finished "Cathrine", we decided we wanted to try it out, since it's a short game, and I found it pretty entertaining, OH ALL OF THE SEXTING.

I had just finished 'the Hunger Games' on audiobook, so we reserved tickets for the showing on saturday, and had some dinner beforehand.

How do I feel about the movie? I was pretty satisfied with how they translated the book onto the screen. But they lacked explaining a lot of things, that you wouldn't get unless you've read the book, which isn't the best thing. And they added and removed some stuff, some of it I reeaaaally don't get why they changed, but oh well, all in all.. I'm definitely going to buy it when it comes out.

And just some sappy me and my beautiful before heading out.


  1. All of your pretty <3
    And what is up with that stalker picture of me? D:

  2. ... you bastard >:C (I did love it though)

  3. aivan ihana tää sun blogi :) tykkään kans kamalasti sun tyylistä ;D