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Thursday, April 12, 2012

If you die, then I'm alone.

My new T-shirt is huge and glorious

So not much has been happening this week, but there's still stuff to talk about. Exciting.

Last saturday i visiting my grandpa and grandma, on my fathers side, for some food and some TV-watching, American Idol isn't what it used to be, and Steven Tyler is just... so boring.
But but but, it was all good times, and since the weather is heating up, I'll visiting them more, I don't know what it is about the summer, it's just the time when I visit my family more.

Tuesday I arranged to have dinner with my dad and my sister, so before we picked her up, we went to a new garden center close-by, and oh my god. I want everything in there! So many pretty plants, trees and flowers /why can't I keep nothing alive?
And also these small funky cacti, when I was younger I owned loads of these, still got a soft spot for them.

And oh gosh, just one more picture of me, smiling, because Ali says there's not enough pictures of me doing that, LOOKIT THE SMALL MOUTH.

Anycase. The weekend will be used on helping my BFF, Hayes with his cosplay and roadtrip, good times!


  1. .... sweet Jesus, your sister is starting to actually look like a teenager. WHAT HAS BECOME OF THE WORLD

  2. Det ser hyggeligt ud hos dine bedsteforældre! Og du ser fiiiin ud som altid -love the yellow t-shirt! It's fantastic!

    Oh, and all the plants <3
    Jeg kan dog heller ikke holde noget i live! D: