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Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm more of a four-road kind of guy

This weekend has been good, Hayes came over friday night, we arranged to work on his first costume, so alas, roadtrip to go get fabric.
First time I was out driving with him, very comfortable driver, must say. Much more chillaxed than myself /I'mma roadrunner baby, dun mess wit me.

There actually was a woman at the fabricstore that complimented me on my hair and asked how I got it the way I did. When I said you got to have somewhat thick/a lot of hair, I could just see all the happiness disappear from her face, so I hurried telling her that getting layers would really help. All the awkward, but still felt sorta good, not gonna lie.

"How do you get your hair like that?" Baby, I was born this way.
/For those that don't believe my hair goes into natural Mufasa mode 8D

Pitstop at MacDonalds for some lunch, oooh it's okay~
We rocked out to Nickelback the whole way, all of the good times I tell you!
When we got back we started working, and you should really go check my cosplayblog for the creations, it's pretty amazing if I don't say so myself.

Which means, we haven't done much else than sewing for two days, feels good to get started again, and doing it with my best friend, can't complain!
Aaand he brought some series and movies for me to much, doesn't get much better than this. /Zombies here I come!

The theme songs of my life right now 8D


  1. I miss you guys D:

    Looks like you were having fuuuuunnnnnn~!!!

  2. God I look like a total tosser when I'm driving XD;
    Awesome weekend, babeh <3

  3. MUFASA MODE BABY! That is fucking brilliant >: D I'm digging that! You should rock that do from now on! I reckon you'll be setting that trend and making it known world-wide! HELL YEAHHHH~