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Sunday, June 3, 2012

I saw the... I liked the dance

This weekend has been really good, Friday at work I talked with one of my coworkers about her son, that's going through a really difficult time, and I think the talk was really good for her.
Got home and got myself ready for my lovely girl, whom I've been with for a year now you guys, A YEAR, someone better high-five me like crazy for being able to satisfy such a gorgeous girl.

I will pretend I'm in the movie every time I wear this ^

Before going out to dinner and by-night, we exchanged gifts and I'm sooo happy with my two new shirts, and I was really glad Miebaby liked the shoes I got for her 8D /make her update her blog if you want to see pictures of them XD
Didn't spend a lot of money, but I did buy 17 again /Zac Efron is a fox okay, not gonna deny, Cowboys & Aliens and Fight Club on blueray, nom.

For Saturday, we had decided to do something we haven't done before, at first we wanted to go to the Zoo, but since it was so windy and cold, we decided to go to the aquarium. Even though the danish aquarium isn't even close to impressive in size, it's still entertaining and we did spend some good hours there!

There's several pointy reasons to my fear of sharks

Afterwards we went back to her place, spent some quality time, had pizza and watched the last part of True Blood third season /which btw makes me feel like the worst movie nerd, I have to ask her what everything means in this series xD

Today, Sunday, I had a deal with my dad to go watch Men In Black III, and really.. really.. I couldn't help myself, so I dressed up for it, and as I knew.. My dad loved it, and I felt a little awkward swagger 8D

usually the kids are the ones who wants all the candy. Not in this company my friend. If it were cheaper, you could be sure he'd get something from the whole aisle.

But my dad is not the only one who can make extremely attractive faces, btw.


  1. Faktisk så er det kun 4 hajarter ud af 360 arter der kan finde på at angribe mennesker. Hvidhajen, tigerhajen, hvidhale hajen og tyrehajen. Se, ingen fare medmindre man er idiot:
    Ellers bider de kun hvis de har en grund, en god grund er ekstrem overfiskning og ikke bærende fiskeri der tvinger hajerne tættere ind mod land og de skal kæmpe mere og mere mod fiskerne om mad, derfor sker der lidt flere hajangreb end der tidligere har gjort. mennesker er idioter der ikke lytter til biologer. Hajer er ekstrem vigtige for havet, men mange haj arter er truede og bliver dræbt for deres finder (f u Asian)
    Derfor er det også ekstremt vigtigt at støtte hajer og kampagner mod finne-fiskeri.
    Gordon Ramsay er bl.a. taler for der er en organisation der kæmper for at stoppe hajfinnefiskeri.
    yes. Så ved du det :) bevar hajerne!

  2. HNNG, you be so damn cute. <3